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8 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Lilly,
    My great-grandmother was Susan Shields. daughter o Vincent Shields, son of Francis Shields. I have this line back to 1585 but would be interested to know if you have it back further, i.e., O’Saidhail, etc., King Melusius. Would love to share info with you. Thanks.
    Pauline (Polly) Cook Joscelyn

    • Hi Pauline,

      I don’t have the line you mention in my tree. When I first started building my family tree on ancestry.com, I added everyone I could find: all siblings, cousins, re-marriages and all. It got quite unwieldy! I do have William Shields (actually several of them; even my father’s name is William), starting with the one born in 1585. As I understand it, the name was generally known as O’Saidhail before Ireland became Anglicized some time before our 1585 William was born.

      At one point, I did find traces of family going back to the Melesians, but I’m not sure whether they were real people or myths. Going back that far, long before written records, is very interesting, but people already look at me like I’m crazy to be so involved with genealogy. I’m not brave enough to claim ancestors back that far!

      Would you be able to tell me more about your line? I trace my family back through the William born in 1630 and transported to Barbados by Oliver Cromwell’s regime in the 1650s. From there, I come from Delight, John, Abel, John, Elias, William (b 1859), Clair, my father William, and then, of course, me. I know that’s a lot of Shields men, but if you recognize any–like Francis’s father or brother–in any of that, we could figure out where we connect.

      My brother and I are going to Barbados this summer in hopes of finding traces of our 1630 William. Since he was a servant/slave, I’m not sure how much of him is documented, but it will be interesting to explore.

      This is probably way more than you bargained for when you messaged me! If you are interested in exploring this further, please let me know. If I’ve totally overwhelmed you, I understand. No wonder my family suddenly finds very important tasks to do when I mention family history!

      • Francis Shields’ father was Thomas Shields. My line goes back to James Shields, b. 1633; he was one of the brothers deported by Cromwell. He worked as an indentured slave to earn his passage to Williamsburg, VA.
        I am like you, I work on genealogy a LOT! Have so many lines I can’t keep track of all of them!
        Maybe this will help you connect our lines. Thanks. Pollu

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